Autumn ( Haikus )

Waiting for you
one, two, three petals
on the seat.
-- Akiko Sakaguchi
Cold autumn day,
my love has a cold.
I sneeze, and can feel it coming too.

Simply trust:
Do not the petals flutter down,
Just like that?
-- Issa
Blowing from the west
Fallen leaves gather
In the east.
-- Buson
Leaves falling                                          Pausing
Lie on one another--                                in the leaves I hear
the rain beats on the rain.                        your footsteps.
-- Gyodai                                                 -- Fred Schofield
The peatls fall in the fountain,                   Shorter days now
The orange-coloured leaves,                     through yellow light
Their ochre clings to the stone.                 yellow leaves.
-- Pound                                                   -- Dorothy Howard

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