Morning Haikus

Patrick Adam - The Morning Room - Art Prints and Posters
Here's a few early morning haiku's that I wrote. My favorite is the one about my mother. Whenever I visit her there's always lot's of love and a warm meal waiting for me! Nothing like someone cooking and serving you with love. Ma, I love you!

Smell of toast and coffee--
I open the windows
to let the sun in.
Sitting together for breakfast.
Shining on your forhead.
Sound of radio
drifting in
through the open windows.
Sleepily walking to the table,
my mother
waiting for me with warm breakfast.
the morning table
you reach out for my hand.
Newspaper and coffee,
still in my robe...
Sunday morning.
Granules of sugar on the table,
A bee sits on them.
After five years--
You with your newspaper,
me with my thoughts.

Sunlight sweeps into the room.
The shadow of the flower vase
on my bacon and eggs.

Painting: The Morning Room by P Adam

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