An Ode To Bread ( Joseph Bau )

This is the second poem by Bau on my site. The other one is called "The Great Hunger". And there you'll find a petit introduction to Bau's life.
Flour hardened to a loaf of concrete
as payment for one day's torture.
Behold the loaf!
Eight empty bellies, staring through the eyes,
carve up the prize
into eight equal portions
with no crumb wasted.
Behold the idol!
To him we address
our most ardent thoughts,
from behind these triple layers
of walls, mighty barriers
of electrified barbed wire.
And I, one of the eight to share this loaf,
grateful owner of a slice with the memory
of abundance and fullness (may they rest in peace),
I beat my breast and beg you,
Forgive my past insults, uttered so thoughtlessly
in times of plenty.
Forget my unjust words to loaves before the flood,
when I called them "heavier than lead,
dry as wood, tasteless, hard to digest."
False charges all!
Forgive me, kind bread,
my heresies against the sacred loaves
I squeeze on grocery shelves, saying,
"Dough's half raw, not fresh enough, unappetizing,"
words fallen from an ignorant tongue.
To all the loaves of wheat bread, rye bread, dark bread,
enriched with a layer of butter or jam,
which were demeaned, rejected, forgotten,
till the the insults made them dry up
or hide beneath a skin of mold
to be tossed into a garbage dump,
I say:
Kind bread, forgive me and the other hungry millions,
whose empty stomachs shamefully confess their sins.

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