A Yellow Flower

It's november 2nd, no snow yet! The roads are beautiful with fall leaves on them. All red, yellow and orange. A few still green (must be the tough ones!!)
I had gone out for a walk beside a lake. The wind was blowing hard and cold. On the side of the trail I noticed a small yellow flower, growing out of the mud...all alone. Nobody stopped to see it or say how pretty it was, but still it was blooming and smiling happily at me! The wind was blowing it from side to side. The flower seemed to know that it was it's last few days before cold winter comes in. It was struggling and staying alive... for itself, as long as possible. It was blooming for itself, with not a care in this world. I stopped for a while and looked at it. It looked right back at me. There we were looking at each other in the cold autumn afternoon, without a soul around us. I gently touched it's yellow petals, glowing as bright as the sun, vibrating life. Such a small flower, but it had so much life in itself. I did not feel like walking away from it. So i just stood and stared and stared. I wanted to see its life. what it did all alone when it was cold, how long would it be there...
It grew colder as time passed. The Breeze from the lake was freezing the tip of my nose. I felt it was damp from the moisture the breeze carried. The vapour must have condensed on my warm nose. I gave my yellow happy friend a last smile and I walked away...
I wonder whether it is still there. I shall go tomorrow again to check on it.

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