Valuable Parts

Sometimes we just don't realise how important our body parts are till they are hurt or till they malfunction due to certain reason. I cut my finger a few days back while chopping vegetables. That did hurt a little, but it came along with a whole lot of other problems....Like when I was writing, I could not hold the pen properly. Driving was difficult, eating, bathing...and all the things that we need to do with our fingers. All this while I never realised how precious our body parts are, how often I used them, and without them I was a broken machine. Unable to perform the smallest things. So I sat for a while and thought about my eyes, nose , ears and all the organs, and all the body parts that function harmoniously without bothering me, and I felt very relieved. I was very happy, as if I has accomplished a big deed. Whatever makes it possible, the working of my body I bow to thee!!


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