The Pink Dress

She was feeling happy. It was a bright sunny day. She had taken a shower before stepping out. Her hair smelt sweet of the Freesia shampoo that she used. As she walked towards the stores she could feel it bouncing with the summer breeze. She stopped at one of the windows to look at pink summer dress on display. She liked the dress, and decided to go in and check out how much it costs. She looked up to see a man indise the store watching her through the window. She know that she was looking pretty and was a little pleased to be admired by someone. She walked inside and got to the place where the pink dresses were hanging. A quick look at the price tag and off she was with the dress to the trial room. She bumped into him on the way to the trial room. Neither of them said anything, but just smiled at each other.
She tried out the dress. It fit her good, but she needed a second opinion. It had lacy spaghetti straps and a flowing skirt. Just when she was about to step out of it, she dared herself to do something. She would go out of the trial room in the pink dress and show it off to the admiring man. He had admired her and now this would be her way to thank him....show herself in the pretty dress. From his countenance she would be able to make out whether he liked the dress or not. She came out and he was still there. Their eyes locked toghether, and he nodded. The nod was of approval. The dress was bought!

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