Hope (Heidi Anne Bell)

She waits -- in a darkened room of stillness
By the moonlight's hypnotic rays.
Echos of maddening laughter penetrate the walls of lunacy.
There is no joyful moments now, but only
The desperation of love, unknowingly lost forever.
A tear emerges hesitantly from
An eye that pleads for him to appear.
Surrounding walls ridicule the wishful soul
As they encompass secrets of love's restoration.
nothing will be spared - it is over...
Leaving behind an obsession to gain what has vanished,
Slowly destroying the final shred of sanity
Of the once enlightened being
As traces of her beloved remain concealed.

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award Why is this blog so shy?and unknow? I shall recomand you.Bioutifoule pictures, lots of sensitivity, keep on going...

Gepost door: t2 | 27-01-05

Amoralva I agree. Your blog is really amazing and fantastic! Keep on going

Jorge Vicente

Gepost door: jorge vicente | 20-02-05

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